Here's the list!


Malaysian / Singaporean

  1. Roti King in Euston - best Roti Prata. Teh Tarik, Nasi Lemak. Mee Goreng. Everything there is super good. go during off peak hour as it is super popular and small.
  2. Rasa Sayang in Chinatown - for decent Singaporean food like CKT, Hokkien Mee, Chicken rice.
  3. Another one they can try is : C&R in Chinatown
  4. Old Town - More Hongkong style. Some people like the Chicken Rice there.


  1. Jidori in Covent Garden - for modern Japanese
  2. Koya for Udon - fresh udon made in the shop
  3. Lots of Ramen places around soho area - but Tonkatsu is my fave.
  4. Misato in chinatown - my japanase hairstylist favourite jap place. cheap and hole in the wall kind.


  1. Dumpling Shack at Spitafield Market - Good Spicy Wan Ton Tan Tan Noodle
  2. Beijing Dumpling in Chinatown


  1. My personal fave is Sri Lankan Indian restaurant - Hoppers in Soho or Oxford street
  2. Kricket in Soho
  3. Gymkhana for michelin Star Indian.


  1. Dotori in Finsbury Park.

  2. Yori near Soho -

  3. Assa in Soho - for Korean Hotpot

  4. Seoul Bakery near Russell Square - hole in the wall for quick korean fix


Where to get your chilli fix in London this winter.

Where to get your chilli fix in London this winter.


Winter is here. We need all the 'heat' we can get. So here’s my list of restaurant where you can get your spicy fix. This is not an exhaustive list. I am constantly hunting for my next chilli fix. Follow me on instagram for the latest tip.

My top 3 Sichuan / Hunan Restaurants

Food House 風味食堂

  • Local and authentic, this Sichuan restaurant located on the main strip of Chinatown is my go-to restaurant when I need proper Sichuan chilli fix when I am in Chinatown. Look out for the restaurant opposite Cafe Wan Chai with the Chinese name, 風味食堂.

  • Must order dish: Dry Hot Pot

  • Address: 46 Gerrard Street, W1D 5QH (show map links)

Má Là Sichuan Restaurant

I used to work in Pimlico and this is my go-to lunch spot when I need a lunchtime spicy fix. Not all dishes are authentic.

Recommended dishes: Legendary Mapo Tofu, Fragrant Chilli Chicken (it is a super spicy dish), Dry Wok Chicken,

Address: 37 Monck Street, Westminster, London. SW1P 2BL

Yi Ping

This restaurant located in Angel does a solid mapo tofu and dry wok chicken,

Address : 70-72 Liverpool Road, London N1 0QD

Xi An Impression

Situated literally opposite the Arsenal Emirates stadium,  this small little hole in the wall serve Xi'an local street food.

Address: 117 Benwell Rd, London N7 7BW


My #Miami #Foodie List

My top three favourite eating spots in Miami

Dr. Smood

  • Located in the heart of the local hip Sunset Harbor neighborhood, Dr. Smood health cafe is my favourite place for juice, salad and coffee. I have been here 3 times the last 3 days. So far, I had the yummiest quinoa salad, homemade almond butter, rasberry jam toast, and an amazing tasting white coffee and a lot of amazing smoothies.

South Miami, 5801 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143


Stiltsville Fish Bar

  • Located just opposite Dr. Smood, this seafood restaurant serves Florida Key's themed seafood. We came here for dinner and everyone else, other than us, looked like they were family of locals.  We had fish wings, scallops and coconut scrimp and tripletail, local snapper like fish.



  • Yardbird, which gets crowded on weekend nights and during Sunday brunch, serves up the american southen cuisine’, from a fried green tomato BLT to biscuits topped with everything from ham to brisket to gravy.