Checklist for a Graduate Talk

When I was working on the research project for a large aviation organisation in Hong Kong, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak to some of the faculty heads and careers centre staff in one of the top 3 universities in Hong Kong. We spoke about what organisation could do to better to attract the younger generation in Hong Kong.  One of the topics that came up was of course all the popular graduate recruitment talks in campuses and what makes a good one.  

Below is a checklist of what I have gathered from my conversations.  I believe this list would be relevant to anyone that is looking to do a presentation to a large group of people. 

1. Keep it short

Usually, the careers centre at most Hong Kong universities would allocate one hour for a recruitment career talk. Having said that, the worst you can do is to aim to maximize the whole time allocated, as most people's mind (not to mention the younger students) will start to wonder and drift off after 10 to 15 minutes. We are, after all, at the age of information overload. I would say, a good time to aim for is probably under 20 minutes. 

2. Save more time and (people) for Q&A

If you do not already know when it comes to Q&A sessions in Asia, it is common than not that there aren't any questions being raised, or that you will not see anyone putting their hands up. Instead, they would prefer to approach and have a conversation with the presenter individually. With this in mind, it could be worth having more of your staff there to attend to the individual Q&A sessions

3.Make it interactive

make it fun. throw in a game or a test or try a interactive voting system or a game.

4. Forget about the corporate Bulls%#t

or the brochures and corporate website.  Make it personal. Share an interesting story or experience, and not one from your corporate website.

5. Leverage on alumni

This is relatively obvious. if you have an employee who is a graduate of that particular universities. let him present or involve him the graduate careers talk. Big brother relationship counts with the students!

6. leverage on the younger staff

Students tend to relate better with people closer to their age group. If you have younger staff, again, involve them and get them to do the presentation if possible.

Always bear in mind, the objective of running a graduate careers talk in the universities is to excite the students about your organization! 

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