7 things you didn't know about the next generation workforce of Hong Kong

I worked with a leading aviation organisation in Hong Kong to get insights into what the next generation workforce are looking for. I also did some some research on graduates and their  perceptions on careers! What an exciting week!

Here's a quick summary of 7 things I have observed from my conversations with the engineering/IT graduates in Hong Kong. Opinion are my own. :-)

  1. They look for a company that shares the same values with them. 
  2. They value learning experience and job satisfaction over title
  3. They crave (immediate) recognition
  4. They look for a great working environment and working culture
  5. They are achievement and goal orientated
  6. They want to be part of a community
  7. They like to get their hands dirty

Does any of this come as a surprise to anyone? Let me know what you think!


digital project manager